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Large Herbal Melts - Madagascar

Large Herbal Melts - Madagascar

Product Information

Madagascar is a blend of paraffin, pure fragrance oil and herbs.
Herbs: Chamomile, Madagascar Cloves, Lavender, Dalmatian Sage.
Oils: Jasmine, Vanilla, Orchid & Arabian Sandalwood.

Another easy to use method to fragrance your Home or Spa.   "Herbal Melts" are a blend of fresh herbs and fragrance oils in a wax base.  To use, simply place the melt in a oil burning dish (decorative ribbon will blend in when it melts).  Light the candle underneath and let it burn for a short period of time.  The Herbal Blend will Melt and add lovely fragrance in the nearby area.   Once the mixture has cooled, it will solidify and be ready to use again.

Shown here from left to right:  Cherries, Strawberries, Plum   [Apple and Peach are very similar to Plum.]

Note: These melts are heavily saturated in fragrance oil so take precautions in handling and do not place on fragile surfaces.  Also these melts may be too big for many burners, it may be necessary to quarter them to fit your burner to prevent overflow. Each quarter should last several weeks.

Price: $3.50

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