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Sweet Dreams Sleep Sachet

Sweet Dreams Sleep Sachet

Product Information

We have multiple bags for our herbs, please select your color choice when ordering.

Our Sweet Dream Sachet is filled with the following herbs:

Herb Qualities
Cinnamon Stick Prosperity, Psychic Ability
Chamomile Sleep, Strength, Prophetic Dreams, Prosperity, Nightmare Prevention
White Sage Wisdom, Protection, Wishes
Hawthorne Flowers Depression Management, Business Success
Motherwort Calming
Cloves Protection, Prophetic Dreams
Lavender Sleep, Love, Menopause, Protection, Anger & Stress Management
St. John's Wort Strength, Stress Management
Bay Leaves Prevents Migraines, Removes Negative Energy, Protects Health

Slip sachet into pillowcase. Replace with new refill(s) every 3 to 4 months.

Note: Please remember to nourish Mother Earth by placing the used herbs on the ground, preferably under a tree when it is time to refill your sachet with a new supply.

Price: $4.79

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