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Glen Originals

We have many scents, colors and series candles which are of our own design.  Here you can see all of them.  You may either scroll the page to see the different sections or click on one of the following links:



These are the colors we offer for our candles.  Please note that colors may vary slightly, this chart is only meant as a guide.

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These scents are original blends that we have created here in The Glen.

Afternoon Tea
Reminiscent of a lovely afternoon tea time.  This blend has aromas of White Tea, Green Tea, and Cucumber.  A delicate and refreshing fragrance.

Alaskan Campfire
Imagine yourself in the forests of Alaska sitting in front of a warm campfire.  Let this scent take you there with its blend of Balsam Fir and Cedar.

All Spiced Up
A blend of Nutmeg, Clove, White Ginger, and Red Hot Cinnamon.  This scent is sure to take you to the harvest months any time of the year.

Who says May gets all the flowers.  Let this blend take you to the scent of April with its blend of Baby Powder, English Ivy, and Hibiscus.

Arabian Black Beauty

Imagine a black stallion running, mane & tail flowing in the wind!  This fragrance is an incredible blend of Amber, Arabian Sandalwood and Blackberry.

Autumn Night
The nights of Autumn are a truly unique time of year and so is our blend dedicated to those nights with the aroma of Amber, Clove, and Orange Blossom.

Bamboo Garden
Imagine a beautiful Zen garden as this scent actually takes you there with its blend of Bamboo, Ylang-Ylang, and Peony.

Blackberry Sage
A wonderful blend of Blackberry & Sage, simply refreshing!

Blackberry Sage & Mint
The same wonderful blend of Blackberry & Sage with a hint of mint, simply devine in soap!

As lovely as the maiden herself, this blend in her honor delicately weaves English Ivy, Heather, Hazelnut, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Red Hot Cinnamon together.

Cinnamon Bay
A powerful and reviving fragrance combining Red Hot Cinnamon and Bayberry.  A great scent for the Winter holidays.

Cool Breeze
Let this breeze sweep over you with its blend of Carnation and cool Peppermint.

Dracula’s Crypt
A hauntingly beautiful fragrance created with a blend of our famous Mausoleum and Vampyre’s Lust fragrances.  A Scent Truly to Die For.

Dream Tea
Truly a dreamy blend of Green Tea and Vanilla makes this fragrance incredible!

Eastern Mystic
Created for, this fragrance will make you feel like a mystic as it takes you into the Upper Worlds with its blend of Green Tea, Lotus Blossom, and Lemon Grass.

English Garden
This scent will make you feel as though you are standing in the middle of a beautiful English garden with its blend of Tea Rose, Violet, Wisteria, and White Ginger.

Egyptian Sunrise
This scent will make you feel as though you are standing at the Nile River enjoying the fresh fragrance of sunrise.  A blend of Sunflower and Rehan which is fragrance oil from Egypt.

Egyptian Sunset
This scent will make you feel as though you are standing at the Nile River enjoying the relaxation of sunset.  A blend of Egyptian Sandalwood and Moonflower.

This delightful fragrance is a blend of Arabian Sandalwood, Green Tea and Calla Lily.

A scent sure to warm you with its blend of Dragon's Blood and Red Hot Cinnamon.

Frankincense Myrrh & Mint
A touch of mint has been added to our already wonderful Frankincense & Myrrh.  Another wonderful fragrance for soap too!

Ginger Rain
A very refreshing blend of Ginger and Rain.

Glen Rose
A rose that we have created here in The Glen; this scent delicately blends Egyptian Rose with Heather for a truly unique flower.

Halloween Night
Apples, Oranges, Candy Corn, remember the freedom of Halloween? Good food, lovely smells, great costumes and tons of safe fun!

Haunted House
About a hundred years ago Gran-Ma-Ma walked the halls of this lovely old house in life, loving her home. With the scents of Violet and Egyptian Musk, one knows she is still here.

Island Escape
Need to escape to an island far away?  Let this fragrance take you there anywhere, anytime with its blend of Lime, Coconut, Mango, and White Ginger.

Kabbalah Grove
Another creation for, this scent makes meditation a breeze with its inspiring blend of Frankincense & Myrrh, Green Tea, Mother Earth, and White Ginger.

Lavender Creme
Gentle and sweet, a fragrant blend of Lavender and Vanilla.

As mysterious and beautiful as the place itself, this fragrance consists of Orchid, Vanilla, Jasmine, Arabian Sandalwood, and Clove.

It’s still, it’s quiet, it’s eerie, but there is a fragrance in the air that is quite mysterious, yet lovely. A haunting blend of Egyptian Musk, Carnation, Heather, and Tea Rose.

Midnight Magic
Midnight and all is quiet or is it?  A truly magical blend of Moonflower, White Ginger, Wild Flowers, Lavender, and White Tea.

Mint Eucalyptus

An amazing fragrance results from a blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus.  Lady Reeves not being a big fan of Eucalyptus, loves this blend – so smooth & delightful!

Mystical Garden
A captivating blend of Midnight Rose, Heather, and Green Tea.  A walk in this garden will take you down a mystical path.

Orange Delight
Just as an orange cream sickle or orange shake, this too is such a delight with its blend of Orange Blossom, Dream-sickle, and Citrus Spice.

Patchouli Dawn
This scent, as lovely as the dawn itself, blends the scents of Gardenia and Patchouli.

Sacred Ground
A scent that brings the sense of reverence and peacefulness, yet magnetic.  A blend of Indian Musk and Peppermint.  This scent is an explosion for the senses - it's like a mystical garden, right after it rained, with the sweet smell of spring in the air and the perfect breeze to highlight it all…you’ll be walking on air!

Sandal Rose
Another rose we have created, Tea Rose is blended with Arabian Sandalwood to make yet another wonderful flower.

Seaside Garden
A beautiful garden by the sea, can life get any better than this?  Let our blend of Seabreeze, Ocean, and Lavender Rose take you there to relax and rejuvenate.

A truly calming and peaceful blend of Bergamot and Carnation.

Southern Breeze
A gentle breeze from the South carries the scents of Magnolia, Gardenia, and Heather to wherever you are in the world.

Tree of Life
Another scent created for, the Tree of Life is central to the wisdom of Kabbalah and this scent of Oak Moss, Mother Earth, and Snapdragon will help you climb it.

Tropical Truffle
Decadent and not fattening, this blend of Mango and White Chocolate will truly entice you.

Vampyre Lust
Think what you will of the name, but this fragrance is to die for with its blend of Dragon's Breath and Wine & Roses.

Watermelon Splash
A very refreshing blend of Ocean and Watermelon, simply nice!

Whispering Grove
Inspired by Whispering Grove in Maine which is home to a beautiful labyrinth, this scent is a blend of Forest Pine and Frankincense & Myrrh.

Winter Night
Get all cozy with this blend of Vanilla and Peppermint as it tucks you in for a Winter's night.

A very amazing smell which will take you to the forests of the Northwest with its blend of Cedar, Sage, and Balsam Fir.

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Below are our original candle series.  Many of our candles are available with these designs when you choose it under the Color option.  Please note that each of these series has a fragrance assigned to that series.

Black Onyx Series
A simple and elegant series.  This series is unscented.


Chakra Series
A great meditation candle which encourages us to focus on our seven Chakras or energy points in the body.  This series is scented with Chamomile.

Clouds In A Wedgewood Blue Sky
This celebrates the Wedgewood legacy, ideal for any decor.  These candles are scented with Gardenia.

Halloween Series
Our Halloween series is sure to add to any Halloween decor.  These candles are scented with Apples & Oranges.

Island Paradise Series
This series will help you to escape to a paradise far away.  These candles are scented with Island Escape.

Midnight Mist Series
An enchanting series just as the name implies.  These candles are scented with Dragon's Blood.

Pride Series
Celebrate Diversity with our Pride Series.  These candles are unscented.

The Ancients Series
Our beautiful series dedicated to the sages of old.  These candles are scented with Nag Champa, Oriental Garden, and Vanilla.

Yule Series
Celebrate the Winter holidays with the colors of Red & Green in this series. These candles are scented with Christmas Garland.

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