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Customer Feedback

 I have come to rely on your incense to get me through the day.  When I wake up in the morning, I brew my personal blend tonic, feed four-legged children, and light up some incense.  Before noon, I’ve relit 2, sometimes 3 times.  It’s just so soothing.  I engage with the scents based on my energy level and what I need.  It creates an atmosphere that calms or invigorates or soothes or cleanses or whatever is needed.  If I’m late, when Ania wakes up, it's one of the first things she asks:  What incense should we burn?  It’s a super integral part of our routine, our lives, our psyche.  And Ania just turned 10!

I do so hope you enjoy doing incense and intend to remain at the ready for future orders for many years to come. I haven’t even considered burning incense from anyone else since yours. It’s THAT good!

Thank you so, so much!

July 2016

Lela, I just want to say thank you again! For months I had been looking for this particular fragrance (green tea/vanilla now Dream Tea) for my guy and I was just about to give up hope when I came across some of your number at Sevananda.  I spoke with you that evening and explained what it was that I was looking for and you were able to create our fragrance perfectly!!! Ever since I have received my incense I have been singing your praises to everyone that I know and meet.  You have a new life long customer and I will be back often for more!!!!!

Thanks Again


Feedback after 2nd order:
I am in love with Dragon's Blood!!!! Where has it been all my life. Thank you again for your marvelous creations:-)!!!!
Everything arrived in one piece and a day before it was scheduled to arrive. I love the green bath salts and the fragrance is divine, just as is the fragrance of the oil I purchased. Thank you so much and will definitely recommend your site for excellent products. I will always be a customer when in need of incense, oils, salts, burners and etc. Again, thank you; you are truly a great designer of fragrances. LOVE and LIGHT
Rod ישראל

Hello Lela,

I received the oils a little earlier and WOW. The blackberry/peppermint is so delicious! And even better, I adore the peppermint on it's own and the Indian musk has such a nice (I would even say mystical) scent. Put them together and it's an Explosion for the senses - it's like a mystical garden, right after it rained, with the sweet smell of spring in the air and the perfect breeze to highlight it all... I'm walking on air :) Your work is truly delightful. Thank you again for the generous gifts!
Love, Light & Blessings, Shai
NY, NY August 2011

Glitterati -

Dorothy said you "do good work." Enjoyed watching the glitter in the fairy pillar pool in a circle around the wick. She doesn't get out much . . .

Mike M. - Atlanta, GA 2010 [ordered Lighthouse / Fairy Pillar Candles] 

I got my order in great condition last week and I'm very happy with it. The
candles were so well-cushioned in the box, outstanding. I love the custom-scented
bath salts! Thank you for such fast service and quality products for a great value.

Helen Uhlin -
August 2009  


January 2009

Thank you for sending my purchases so quickly!

I love my new Laughing Buddha candles.  I have burned one of them and the

Buddha looks even funnier when he has no head anymore! He-hee.  The candle

shape is very unusual, and I'm amazed that it has not "dripped" yet, as

novelty candles often do.


The Blackberry, Sage & Mint bath oil is wonderful!  It leaves my skin

soooo soft - I could actually see water bead up on my skin just like rain on a

windshield that has been treated with Rainex.  But the best part is the

scent, really.  No need to wear parfume after bathing in this.

Thank you for the wonderful products, Lela!

Tiina V. in Marietta, GA



 Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received my package! Everything is wonderful! I love the scents and the earrings. Thank you very much for the Fairy Pillar, that was an excellent touch of class and customer service. Thanks again!

Bradford, Maine



Special Birthday Party in Canada for a Gentleman with a new Porsche!
(Order: 25 of The Glen's Race Car Candles)
The party was absolutely over the top! I've never hosted anything even
close. We had guests from Boston, Halifax, Buffalo, Ottawa, as well as
Toronto and surrounding area as much as a 2 hour drive out. I had invited
friends from his high school and his graduate school days, as well as his
first graduate student ever (from 30 years ago), and friends from all the
years in between.
The Porche cake was awesome, and it was surrounded by a "racetrack" made of
wide black ribbon with white stripes. The cars were arranged all around it
and they were spectacular. He had spent the day at a racetrack with our
older son, taking a driving course in his Porche, so it was perfect.

  I love the fragrance of your Olive Oil Soap and the way it makes my skin feel.  I won't use any other soap now!

 Linda (Savannah, GA)

 Hey Lela - 

You sometimes set out to do something that you know is right, but you might not always know the power of that decision.  To that end, let me say:  Thank you so much for your products!

I recently experienced a second trimester miscarriage with full-blown labor.  I gave birth to my deceased baby safely at home.  I burned Mother Earth incense the entire length of my labor (over three hours).  Mother Earth soothes me.  Your incense helped ensure our baby's tender life and death were celebrated.  It was a beautiful death. 

I truly wanted you to know how much of a difference you made, how something you created was so instrumental in real life - something more than just a lovely scent in a home.  I would've thought - had I given it much thought - that burning that same scent afterward would've moved me back to that time of loss and made me sad.  However, it merely continues to follow an indelible neural pathway in my brain that I associate with being comforted.  It's a beautiful gift, perhaps much larger than you ever anticipated when you began your business. 

Thank you . . .




   I'm so addicted to your fragrances that I've decided I need to place a standing incense order with you for the 15th of each month.  Fresh Cotton - My, oh my!  Freshly laundered sheets sun-dried on the line!  It's wonderful, Girl.  Takes me back more years than I care to remember!!

 A. Rogers


 Thank you, Lela, for the prompt and perfect order! I received my big package on Saturday, as promised. All the candles were in pristine condition and absolutely beautiful! The rope candle in Ancients burns well and the scent is heavenly! I could not have picked a better balance of oils myself, thank you! I tried out the Alaska incense for the first time and it is very nice. Thank you again for being my ultimate incense, candle and jewelry provider!

Tina (Atlanta, GA)


 I received my order; as usual, you amaze me!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine (Maine)


 Thank you for the incense and the cats would thank you too, but they are drunk from catnip.  They are unconscious and laid out all over the house.  Thanks for the afternoon of peace and quiet!

 Margaret (NY)







 Thank you, Lela, for the wonderful candles and incense. The Tropical Truffle scent is amazing and the pyramid is fabulous, especially coupled with the matching tray! I was going to keep it as a back up gift, but it was so "me" I needed to put it on a display immediately. Furthermore, the earrings are really nice. They hang just in the perfect spot! Stunning. Thanks!

T. Veko (Alpharetta, GA)

   Got my incense sticks and Angie’s mouse this afternoon, and am burning Topical Truffle now. Yummy! Angie smelled the box when I came in the door, and while I was opening it she sat and stared at me like a dog waiting for a bone. Now she’s having a ball with her “mousie”! Maybe she won’t lose this one for awhile! 

And thanks so much for the fairy candle. They really come in handy and make great impromptu gifts!  I especially love the wild colored ones, the wilder the better, keep ‘em coming!







   Hi Lela!
I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the custom blends that you made me! They smell awesome! Thank you! I love the Autumn Night and Midnight Magic scents, too!  I burned the Cranberry Egg Candle, and I like that also!  Very fragrant!  I'm never disappointed in your products, and you can be sure I'll be ordering from you again in the near future! Keep up the great work, and take care of yourself!
Thank you!
   Your oils are THE BEST. I just love your products! I only buy oils from you as they are the best I've ever found. Your merchandise is very high quality and I am a customer for life! Thanks for the verification of my order.



 Ohhhhh, I love the candles! Thank you so much. I light them every day. The candles really "Light" up my spirits! Will be getting holiday gifts from you! You have something beautiful for everyone "in The Glen"!!

 Vicki F. (Brookfield, WI)






   I'm so happy with everything I get from you that I have to spread the word! My friend yesterday was amazed to learn that you were also the one who made the "30" candles for our Mensa prizes last year, and the little Owl candles the year before. I included your card in her package, but also urged her to go to your website and check out all the great products.

   Oh yummy, yummy! Just can't get enough of these wonderful fragrances! What did I ever do before I found you? Thanks for the great service and the Fairy Candle.

A. R. (Stone Mountain, GA)
   Hi Lela,

My friend in NY got her order today, and loves the incense sticks. And her cat grabbed the catnip mouse and took off with it as soon as she opened the box! Two more satisfied customers!


Received my order and love the bottles as well as my free gift! Thank you so much. Two of the bottles are for me and two are for my best friend. She will be 55 on January 26th and this is my gift to her. I know she will love them. I have kept your card and web site and will be using your web site for many future gifts.

Thanks for what you do. Much peace to you and yours.

Vicki M of Atlanta  

Hello Ms. Reeves. I received my package yesterday and what a treat! The products were such good quality and my whole house smells wonderful! Thank you for such wonderful service and I will look forward to our future business!


Hi Lela! I got the incense on Friday and as before, I LOVE it!  Not only does your incense smell and burn great, but you have some of the most unique fragrances I've seen anywhere! Keep 'em coming! Thanks for the free sampler, too! I'm sure your incense, the christmas and winter ones I ordered, will go over big with my friends and family just like your Halloween incense did! I'll be ordering from you again soon! Till then,have a wonderfull thanksgiving and happy hollidays!


Hi Lela! I got my incense today and I LOVE it! Truly great stuff! Thank you for the free samples too! I'll most certainly be ordering from you again! Till then take care and once again, thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you!

Rich S.

Lela -

I wanted to drop you a quick note to give you some feedback on your incense sticks. I have always loved incense, but frankly I was always hesitant to spend money on it. It always seemed to be so much money to have them so quickly gone. Then when I would buy them, I was hesitant to burn them because I didn't want to rush through my small supply.

When you told us "they burn about an hour," I thought: Well, even if they just burn 15 minutes, that's longer than some I have had.

Well! There is surprised, pleasantly surpised, and gee, thanks for making me an incense addict!

Lela! Your sticks have THE STRONGEST scent ever! And an hour??? Yep, right about an hour! My whole house smells lovely. I feel I've made a good purchase - quality for a reasonable price. I don't mind purchasing yours or burning them. I burn at least three per day. I feel such peace while they burn, even when my day is crazy and hectic. I feel centered and calm in the chaos. And my house smells lovely for hours after I burn a stick. It's a lovely feeling to open the door and still smell such a warm and welcoming scent from hours before.

Well, I bought a few bags from you at the Celtic Festival. I've been meaning to reorder and to my horror realized I was down to my last three sticks this morning. I have placed a large order and intend to return to you again and again. The effort you invest and the quality you provide will keep my business. Other incense is just not worth purchasing.

Thank you so much for your product and the extra time you spend making sure you present a quality product. It's refreshing to come across someone willing to do it right and not demand a prohibitive fortune from the average person. That, I am certain, will come back to you four fold.


Michelle Fagan Morrow  

Hi Lela,
I just wanted to write and say that the incense that I received are great! I got the Vampire Lust, Haunted House and Mausoleum. I really like them, and took them to work with me so that others could smell them. Everyone loved them. They are the best! Am running out of them so will have to put in another order soon. Thanks for all the wonderful things you create on the site. I highly recommend it to anyone who asks me where the best place is to buy incense and candles.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your candles, et al, arrived yesterday...( Funny side note. I was working in my garden, not ten feet from the mailbox, and I don't remember hearing the post arrive. When I sat back on my heels and looked over the box was propped against the base of the mailbox. As though it magically appeared...)
They are perfect! I will forward you a picture of them once I have them hung. And there was nothing wrong with the tube candles' size. I would have never noticed the difference if you had not mentioned it. Thank you for the extras, you didn't need to do that.
I want to add that I am always a little leary doing business online, but I felt wonderful with you from the moment I found your website. Your warmth and attention made an already wonderful scenario (having my candles custom made) that much better. I am sure I will do business with you again and I feel as though I will be doing it with a friend.
Love and laughs,

Upon asking permission to add her feedback to the site, her response was:

I have three spiral votive holders that each hold ten candles hung on the wall above my couch. The paint on the wall is somewhay iridescent so when I light them in the evening my whole room shimmers... PERFECT!!! ...Of course you may add my comments to your site. I have been nothing but pleased since I found you. You must have packed some really good energy into your candles.
Thank you again,
By the way, I lit my first Cinnamon Sticks incense today and it is wonderful. Are the candles as strong as the sticks? The Honeysuckle incense is heavenly - takes me back to my childhood in the country!

Thanks again,

My daughter's friend is also wild about mulberry fragrance, which seems to be quite hard to find.

I just checked your new items, and will definitely be buying a couple of "Pride" candles for my great-nephew's Christmas gift. And as soon as I find out my grandson's favorite fragrance I'll be ordering incense sticks for him, and probably candles too. Seems my entire family is into "aromatherapy"!

Thanks so much for your personal attention to your customers. Your products are great and your prices are so reasonable.

AKR in Atlanta, GA     

The candles are beautiful!  They have a wonderful fragrance as well!  Thanks so much for the extra care and patience as the payment - tied to the back of a post office snail, I presume - made its way to your glen.  I know my sister will enjoy them very much.  Her room is decorated already in a cloud motif and the candles will make a perfect addition.

Wonderful work :)


PS - My sister loves the candles.  

Excellent quality products.  These are some of the best that I have smelled and I will never buy them from any other place.  Have tried before, but they don't match the quality that I have found here.  I highly recommend this site to anyone who asks me for a good place to get any of the products that are carried here.



Cody LOVES his candle! He kept smelling it...and was just so very excited!  Carl liked it too.   I have a feeling we may be ordering several custom candles from you soon!   You do such wonderful work!!!


One of our customers made a lovely table centerpiece display with the Shamrock Novelty Candles - what a wonderful idea!


I don't mean to advertise, but I have to say when I take a bath, it is a very relaxing experience. I would like to thank my mom, Lela, for making it also a spiritual experience. I was thinking tonight...all I have to do is "Add Water" and I have a real spiritual experience. Burning her incense, I have a symbol of AIR, lighting one of her candles, I have a symbol of FIRE and using some of her bath salts, I have a symbol of Earth. Not to mention the beautiful creativity. Ok...didn't mean to get too wordy...but THANKS MOM for making these wonderful items to enrich an already wonderful experience.


My order arrived in time. The items were great!! The candles were the light of the party. Thanks so much for your help!

- Adam  

(Donna ordered Floating Votives)

Oh, Lela. The candles are BEAUTIFUL - even better than in my imagination.
I love all of the combinations and can't decide yet which I like best - probably the mixed ones. Thank you so much for creating them for me. I would love for you to make some for three of my girlfriends in their favorite colors and will get back with you once I decide on the combinations. Thanks again!!!!!
P.S. You need to charge more for these!! I really think you should charge a dollar per candle!

- Donna McCarty  

Your incense is unbelievable, I burned another incense from another vendor of the same scent. If I had to compare the two, I would say yours is like a movie on DVD and theirs is like a movie on VHS. Such a pure and vivid scent compared to most others.


Halloween Series - Floating Candles

John & Donna McCarty used 2 of the floaters - one on each side of the steps leading to their festivities and it was pitch dark on Halloween night, thus ALL the illumination is solely from the candle flame and they said it lit the path extremely well.

Okay, I definitely want to try the apples and oranges incense -- bring me a couple of those. I still haven't picked out my candles many to choose from. You need to start marketing yourself. Are you going around to stores? Your candles are gorgeous!!!!

- Jeanie Schmidt   

Hi Lela! Sorry I couldn't email you, I have been loaded with homework!
Thanks so much for the necklace! It is so beautiful! I wear it to school every day! My friends love it! They mite check out your site! Well I have to get back to my studies..
See you soon!  PS - Medieval Rocks!


Thank you for the nice lavender candle. It is so pretty when lit and have burned it every night at dinner. It does have a soft lavender sent but also pretty to the eye with the color and lavender flowers in the wax.


Order: Pillars, Yellow Cashmir & Blue Ocean, she had me create a 2nd Blue Ocean for her daughter-in-law
I burned the yellow one, cashmere?, some on Saturday, made the house smell so good. I was going to give the blue one to Keri but I decided I liked that one also. SO she'll NEVER know.

-Lynn M.  

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