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Fragrance List

All Fragrances are Available for Candles and Oils. Fragrances with an Asterisk (*) are a Glen Original Blend, click here to see descriptions.

-African Rain
-Afternoon Tea*
-Alaskan Campfire*
-All Spiced Up*
-Amber Clove
-Angel's Trumpet
-Apple Pie
-Apples & Oranges
-Arabian Black Beauty*
-Arabian Sandalwood
-Armani Love
-Autumn Night*
-Balsam Fir
-Bamboo Garden*
-Bamboo & Green Tea
-Banana Nut Bread
-Baby Powder
-Beach Daisy
-Bird of Paradise
-Blackberry & Sage*
-Blackberry Sage & Mint*
-Calla Lily
-Candy Corn
-Cashmere Woods Glade Type
-Chai Tea
-Chamomile & Musk Melon
-China Musk
-China Rain
-Chocolate Raspberry
-Christmas Garland
-Cinnamon Bay*
-Citrus Spice
-Citrus Spice & Ocean*
-Columbian Coffee
-Cool Breeze*
-Coolwater Love
-Dracula’s Crypt*
-Dragon's Blood
-Dragon's Breath
-Drakkar Love
-Dream Tea*
-Eastern Mystic*
-Egyptian Musk
-Egyptian Rose
-Egyptian Sandalwood
-Egyptian Sunrise*
-Egyptian Sunset*
-English Garden*
-Feng Shui Water
-Fig & Pear
-Forest Pine
-Frankincense & Myrrh
-Frankincense Myrrh & Mint*
-Fresh Cut Grass
-Ginger Rain*
-Ginger Verbena
-Glen Rose*
-Golden Goddess Love
-Green Apple
-Green Tea
-Halloween Night*
-Haunted House*
-Hawaiian Rain
-Holly Berry
-Honey Almond
-Indian Musk
-Indian Summer
-Island Escape*
-Jasmine Rose Petals
-Juniper Breeze
-Kabbalah Grove*
-Lavender Creme*
-Lavender Rose
-Lemon Grass
-Lemon Verbena
-Lotus Blossom
-Midnight Magic*
-Midnight Rain
-Midnight Rose
-Milk & Honey
-Mint Eucalyptus*
-Mother Earth
-Moon Flower
-Moonlit Path*
-Mystical Garden*
-Nag Champa
-Natures Garden
-Oak Moss
-Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
-Orange Blossom
-Orange Delight*
-Oriental Garden
-Passion Flower
-Passion Fruit
-Patchouli Dawn*
-Peaches & Cream
-Piña Colada
-Pumpkin Pie
-Rain Forest
-Red Hot Cinnamon
-Sacred Ground*
-Sandal Rose*
-Savannah Veranda*
-Sea Breeze
-Seaside Garden*
-Snap Dragon
-Southern Breeze*
-Sugar Cookie
-Summer Nights
-Sun, Moon & Stars
-Sweet Dill
-Sweet Grass
-Sweet Rain
-Tea Rose
-Tree of Life*
-Tropical Truffle*
-Vampyre Lust*
-Vanilla Sugar
-Victoria Christmas
-Water Lily
-Watermelon Splash*
-White Ginger
-Whispering Grove*
-White Chocolate
-White Ginger
-White Ginger & Ylang Ylang
-White Tea
-Wild Flowers
-Wine & Roses
-Winter Ice
-Winter Night*
-Ylang Ylang
-Zen Garden*


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